The Artist


Jezrel White – Founder | Director of Photography


The easiest way to describe Jezrel White is dedicated. He displays this characteristic to anyone he interacts with and anything he commits himself to. He is a lifelong, innovative entrepreneur who has finally found a way to balance his imagination with the world around him..

Raised in the Midwest by two creatives, Jezrel did not take to being involved in the arts until his adult years set in. This discovery came after many failed attempts at “being an adult”. Some of these failed attempts included having a real job, living with 6-month long winters and shopping for “healthy” food. Using America’s melting pot as an inspiration, Jezrel now is putting his life experience ingredients into the same recipe; his life.

Currently, Jezrel runs a niche photography business, manages a handful of carefully chosen music artists, and is continuously in works with individuals and businesses alike to promote compassionate collaboration and therefore show positive growth. His current home base/residence is in Los Angeles, CA, however, he prefers the world as his office space.


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