The Dominion Series

As a documentary series, the goal is to create common ground and awareness between people of all beliefs, but especially those of christian faiths. The crew, although from different families and cultures, all share a common connection; Christian upbringings. If you haven’t heard of Dominionism already, you may be surprised at how wide spread of an effect they have.

9 Billion Dots In One

We are all connected. Do we fully understand the ways in which our connection works and effects others? Is there a way to explain our connections? The signs are visible; are we mindful enough to notice? Three degrees is all you need to be freed

Bringing Humanity Back Into Business

The business definitely knows how to create money but do they know how to create amazing people? Businesses commonly get stuck in bad recruiting practices that create poor retention and personal development. By discussing problems and providing creative solutions for humans in the business world, we are able to create a new business culture that promotes long term growth, retention loyalty and karma.